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Jonesin’ For a Long Stroller Run?

In honor of the National Stoller Running Day that will be here before we know it I wanted to share this post that I wrote a while back to be features on the I’m Fit Possible Blog. Check it out and let me know if you have any tips, tricks or secrets to a Successful LONG stroller run!



Hi my name is Kristen from Jonesinforarun. I am married and have two sweet little babies both under the age of 2! I blog with my older sister about all things dealing with fitness and fun! If we have a product we love or run a race that is awesome- we want everyone to know about! I originally started my blog to share with others my journey of being pregnant for the 2nd time all while staying fit, running a half marathon and juggling a full time job of teaching over 200 students, raising my toddler and being the best wife! Staying healthy and fit while being pregnant was easy, and I hope my story (as well as many others out there) can inspire and help other moms-to-be do the same thing!


I am here today to share with you the recipe for success to the perfect long run with your little stroller buddy! Now that I am a busy Mom of two, fitting in fitness does not always mean alone time. I am lucky enough to have two children that LOVE going in the stroller! My daughter who is now 20 months has always loved our time in the stroller whether it is a walk or a quick run and now her little brother who is 8 months has followed suit and also loves it! The farthest I had ever run with her is 4 miles and for me that was quite an accomplishment. Not only was pushing the extra weight for that long a different experience, but I also had to watch the stroller on the sidewalks and other obstacles along the way! This past weekend we had some beautiful, epic weather in Southern Delaware so I decided to take baby girl on my long run with me. I was not really sure how it was going to go, but I put my recipe to the test and it was a success and I wanted to share it with you!!! Me and little Miss Reagan were able to cover 7.5 miles with no crying, whining or problems at all!!

Green Polar Heart Rate Watch and my Pink Sparkly Soul Wide Head Band

1.       Be Flexible With Your Planned Mileage. Before your run be sure to set a goal for yourself. If your training plan calls for 9 miles go for it- but remember you have someone else that may only want to do 7. Be happy with what you do accomplish and do not be upset about those miles that you did not cover.


2.       Supplies. If you want to be sure to get the most out of your run bring supplies. By supplies I mean diapers and wipes, something to lay down if you need to do a diaper pit stop, your running partners favorite snacks (goldfish, teddy grahams), sippy cup with back up water or juice, favorite blankie or toy- you get it! On my last long run I would occasionally stop to see if my partner wanted some water or her snack cup of goldfish. She opted to hold on to her supplies and when she was done with them I put them away so they did not get throw out during our run! She also held tight to her favorite little blankie the entire run- I think this helped her stay content and enjoy the ride even more!


3.        Smooth Surfaces. In an ideal running world we would not have cracked sidewalks, cars to worry about, pot holes or anything of that nature. I have found that when I am running myself it is easy to maneuver around these obstacles, however with a stroller it is a whole other ball game. If you are hoping that your partner will take a little snooze during your run providing them with a smooth surface may help your little prince or princess stick with you for a few more miles. I know this one may be hard due to limited running areas but just something to think about if possible!


4.       Smiles, Songs & Selfies. These are all optional but they helped me and my sidekick manage a great run! I played my music while we were strolling and she danced and enjoyed the tunes and I was able to stay motivated! I would also periodically stop and check on her to make sure she was content and still had her cute little smile on her face. We also took some selfies to document our long run!



Bottom line is be prepared but do not be disappointed if you do not log as many miles as you planned. Do what you can and be happy with it! Hope this little recipe helps you accomplish your first long run with your little stroller buddy!


Do you have any other tips or tricks to a good stroller run? Please share!!! 

3 thoughts on “Jonesin’ For a Long Stroller Run?

  1. Found your blog through Jes at! I love all your stroller running tips. We’ll be converting to a triple soon! But I think like you said supplies are key and as they get older activities like books, coloring pages and crayons (markers and pens just end up all over clothes, face and body) or a magnadoodle is perfect. I spy and counting games are great too! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Those are all great stroller running tips! We save fruit snacks as a “special stroller treat” and that helps a ton with my son. Since he doesn’t get them much for any other occasion, he gets really excited to have some in the stroller! He’s my stroller sleeper – so after fruit snacks and a sippy cup of milk, he’s out for a nap. Sometimes napping in the stroller is a good thing and other times it doesn’t work out so well. For a longer run that lasts long enough, the stroller is a great napping place! I will have to try playing music for him on our next run together!
    Amy @


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